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Like Music to My Ears

Posted in 1 by Lisa Twillie on December 18, 2009

Is there nothing more calming than a screaming baby? Seriously, nothing adds to mexican food more than a screaming baby.  Ok, ok, ok…I maybe am being a little sarcastic and maybe a little UN-understanding…or am I?

Last night my daughter, Robert and myself all decided to grab dinner at a local Mexican food restaurant. It is a family restaurant, I have no problems with that aspect – I promise. But what I do have a problem with, is when parents bring their screaming babies along and act as if THAT IS TOTALLY OK?!! Seriously?

I look at it like this…my daughter was once a baby.  I have done my time eating at home, KNOWING, that she is cranky in the evenings. I simply didn’t want to put other paying customers through my daughters crying, so we stayed home. Quite honestly, babies aren’t babies forever, there will be time enough for restaurants when they get older.

Anyhoo, I was kind enough to capture a few seconds to share:

One aspect of this issue that I would like to point out is that the nature of a baby crying induces a certain amount of stress. I remember when I was a new Mother and I was breast feeding my daughter. I would get a few precious hours away from my baby. However, God forbid I get near someone else’s crying baby because the cries of a baby would trigger my letdown response. So there I would be with a soaked shirt because another parent felt it was A-ok for everyone else to endure their crying baby.

All I ask is that we all strive to be mindful of each other.


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