Thift Shop Goodness

Thifting in the Rock

Posted in 1 by Lisa Twillie on November 20, 2009

My brother asked me to lunch yesterday, and what that typically translates into is a lunchtime adventure. My brother proposed that we hit up the Salvation Army store over on 65th street.

Salvation Army Thrift Store, 65th Street, Little Rock, AR

This is probably my brother’s favorite thrift store, mostly because he thinks that there are not many people that know about it. (I think he forgets that the store is located directly across from a trailer park)

This particular thrift store isn’t my favorite but it is very organized, which is a pleasant surprise in the world of thrifting. Thanks to my brother this trip was pretty well documented. Here is what we saw:

1. The first item that my brother took a picture of…I am not sure what it is, but I think it is a piece of machinery from a dry cleaners? (like something used for ironing?)

Ironing contraption?

2. Party starter?

So, can the person that donated this to the Salvation Army, can they call themselves an organ donor?

The organ actually looks kinda fun. (until it starts an electrical fire, as my very astute brother pointed out)

3. Pretty cool teacup and saucer.

Black and white teacup and saucer.

I found a pretty cool teacup and saucer for $1.56. I have made the “life style change” from drinking diet sodas to drinking tea. Since I have made this transition, my daughter has become quite the little tea drinker as well. I think she will enjoy having her very own tea cup. (I hope the glaze isn’t poisonous)

4. This was pretty funky.

The mermaid.

Unfortunately, it was priced at not $20.00, but $19.99, which not only did I find interesting, but a little high for a thrift shop. This was an original piece of artwork, that was signed and dated on the back. It is actually a wall hanging made out of carved wood and then painted. I would have bought it, had it not been so terribly over priced, but I thought it was worth noting.

5. Not really sure what this is…


6. Dude, there are always so many wedding dresses at thrift shops…

Honestly, we all know their fate is to be revampled into Halloween costumes.

It is fun to pick through them though…from the puffy sleeves of the 80’s to the sleevless high necked 90’s. Each of these dresses at one point brought tears the Mothers of each bride that wore them.

7. I kinda liked this one…

Pretty little vintage gem

This is the sort of dress that if I were actually looking for a wedding dress I would never be able to find. Not to mention it was also priced at $19.99.


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