Thift Shop Goodness

Thrifting in Conway, Arkansas

Posted in 1 by Lisa Twillie on November 17, 2009

This past weekend I decided to venture outside of my city and go thrifting in a neighboring city. So my brother, daughter, boyfriend and I loaded up and drove to Conway, Arkansas.

Our first stop was the Goodwill Store in Conway, located near a Wal-mart. I wasn’t sure what the thrift shop scene was in Conway. So needless to say I was surprised to find a completely full parking lot and a jam packed thrift store. People were everywhere! I took this to be either a really good thing or a really bad thing. Either the selection would be really awesome (because why else would all these people be here). Or the selection would be severely picked over. Well, needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by the clothing selection. My boyfriend found several dress shirts (all name brand), that are just gorgeous. I also found great stuff for my daughter and myself…some still with tags!

All in all, the Goodwill Store in Conway, was totally worth the drive!


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