Thift Shop Goodness

Thift Shopping Embarassment???

Posted in 1 by Lisa Twillie on November 4, 2009

An article titled, “How to Overcome the Embarassment of Shopping at a Thrift Shop”, posted on:, discusses getting over perceived embarassment/stigma of shopping at thrift stores.

“…times have changed a lot in recent years, making shopping at thrift shops a more socially acceptable phenomenon. You no longer have to hide the fact that you shop at thrift shops or pretend that the new pair of jeans you are wearing came straight off the catwalk instead of from the local thrift shop”.thriftshop_interior

Amen! I work too hard for my money to be judged about where I spend it! Plus, I know that when I buy used I am contributing to charities and/or local businesses. Not to mention, I am doing my part to re-use what is already here.


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