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Have Second Hand Clothes Lost Their Stigma

Posted in 1 by Lisa Twillie on November 4, 2009

Yes, there is a theme in today’s postings. I am all about discussing the stigma surrounding shopping second hand. Usually I am met with excitement when share about my incredible thrift store finds…but yesterday was I was completely taken aback by the reaction of a co-worker of mine. I have written it off as an insecurity thing. She is one of those that have to have the best of everything (as compared to those around her). Anyhoo…here is an excerpt from a fantastic article about the eco-friendliness of shopping and swapping second hand. 250909poshswaps
“Consumer behaviour is changing as people move away from fast fashion instead opting for higher quality clothes that are made to last. Women in particular are doing their own thing. Instead of just following the trends dictated by the fashion industry, they are making their own trends. Women are becoming more confident in finding pieces of clothing that suit their colouring, figure, personality, lifestyle and budget (greengirlsglobal, 2009).”


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