Thift Shop Goodness

Ohhhhh…the Smell!

Posted in Thrift Shopping by Lisa Twillie on November 3, 2009

While the items I am finding are awesome and perfect…dealing with the thrift shop smell can be a little difficult. There is a great Goodwill thrift store across the street from the UALR campus that I love to check out.  So, during my lunch break yesterday I headed over to see what I could find. As I made my way to the door I mentally braced myself for the typical “thrift-shop” aroma, but what I was in store for, there was no way I could have prepared! Apparently because Arkansas had just experienced weeks of non-stop rain, the store had flooded over the weekend.  My nose was met with a pungent mixture of cat urine, body odor with notes of stale cigarette smoke.

While yesterday was an extreme case of the thrift shop aroma, I can’t help thinking that there has to be a better way? Is it necessary for every thrift store to stink?


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